Lari, Téké, Vili, Mbochi, Bembe… le Congo se décline en de nombreuses langues ! N'oubliez pas de préciser dans votre titre à laquelle vous vous référez !


Message par Hamboongi » Ven 04 Juil, 08 2:53


Ou croyez-vous que je puisse trouver à vendre cette production musicale?
J'ai vu qu'on pouvait lui écrire là:
Mais personne ne répond.
Merci d'avance
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Re: Loussialala

Message par Djess dia moungouansi » Dim 24 Août, 08 7:44

Salut Hamboongi

Je te propose de regarder du côté de Glenn Musique, rue Marcadet à Chateau Rouge ou de voir directement avec Moumbot ( voir Ngouala Asso).

Bien à toi

Djess dia moungouansi
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Re: Loussialala

Message par Hamboongi » Dim 31 Août, 08 10:01

Grand merci pour la réponse. C'est bête, je ne suis pas à Paris, mais j'y suis passé l'autre jour depuis longtemps, et à Chateau rouge en plus, mais je n'avais pas lu ce message avant :(
Y a t-il une adresse précise sur la rue marcadet, voire un num de tél?

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Re: Loussialala

Message par Muleb' Kongo » Lun 01 Sep, 08 12:35

Hélas, Djess m'a appris que Glenn se serait installé à Kinshasa !
Muleb' Kongo
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Re: Loussialala

Message par Hamboongi » Lun 01 Sep, 08 10:23

Aïe! Et Moumbot... ou Ngouala asso?
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Miss autumn

Message par Waojoke8598 » Jeu 01 Oct, 09 1:18

experience is the extract of suffering.

I ran up from the second floor of the time, almost fell down. Direct religious ties, the big toe in his left foot to hit the stairs, the pain. Maybe I really was too excited. However, the network for several days off this evening has at least a cable ready. Suddenly recalled a friend's QQ signatures - when the computer repaired at the moment, I re-connected with the world of. Perhaps it is this feeling.

Since last summer, bought a home computer to start, my life trajectory seems to have changed, I started so dependent on the virtual space. Unlike the real world, I found a hidden corner of the other party sentiment. network, opening their eyes widely and I, all in my eyes looked so strange. Seems to have closed the small world suddenly opened, another bright uncertain.

Now more than a year, that time the strong curiosity and surging emotions surging, have also been together with the passage of time. In this virtual sky day passes kept various shapes of clouds color. Its name, is called - memories. Familiar places, cordial friends. Quiet down, I could not help but think of them - a network of gang lovely children.

I was last summer and then fall into a network of deep-risk one. Ignorant fools from the original to the present just more than a year. They call me early summer, early summer sister. In reality, I have been blessed with sisters from the warmth of the grand, but in a virtual network can not be harvested for some other unforgettable moments. Old God, and sometimes really wanted to see if you look to see if I favor the total of my affection is not a gray beard keep the kind of grandfather? Wow leveling, wow gold, Cheap WoW Power Leveling Store world of warcraft gold,
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Raised his head and looking for what, I do not know. Or simply looked habits. They told me, that distant place called heaven. Almost there are large areas of the holy sun. The absence of war. There is no hatred. No injuries. I have heard that has a white angel wings on there. And grandfather - far as I am concerned that in both familiar and unfamiliar to the elderly - there must have been very happy now. Grandfather, you better it?

Years later on the night, I recall the day of the screen to send grandfather often from my mind to emerge unexpected. Mother howl of grief, not indelible in the memory. On that day, I was initially indifferent, there is no way to cry out. However, do not always tears of mothers, with the crowd carried the coffin, the tears to fall. About to reach the maternal grandfather was buried in the area where we have been stopped footsteps, it is said this is the custom, the only son and a small number of people can be sent to the final. His mother was the smallest home, listening to his father that is also the most favored foreign natural feelings of profound public. So the mother must be crazy if directed at the past, regardless of other people stopped, kept crying, "Daddy, Daddy." Do not remember who is the mother burst into tears stopped, not remember who is too fragile to stand mother helped. At that time I was standing next to the loss, looking at the mother's deep sorrow, suddenly burst into tears on the burst. I strongly felt, the mother at that time of the sting from the bottom of my heart.

There was a school-mei said that the sister school, you seem very fond memories Oh. I laughed lightly. When a person is nothing when the memories are the best gift of life. A person's time, I will always think of many people, reminds me a lot of pictures. At the side of the road, curled up in bed, lie on the table, the brain will never stop running. Lane things, or sad or happy also has warm winter. Sometimes inexplicably covered with atrial let sorrow. But everyone knows, that not me always smiling down seven of eight askew, childish to However, all the eyes of this kind of me, just part of me.

Everyone's hearts, are home to another themselves, in their own strange in their own friends. Occasionally, there is a sound mind would jump out of unexpected places. It was hidden in the heart of the sun or Hanbing. Each person has a hole in their hearts. This is who forgot said. And I can only take memories to fill that empty black hole. Then looked up toward the sunlight, deep breathing, there can not help but rise mouth angle.

Wed. Physical education. Empty canteen. Listening to the quiet of my mp3. No one. A person's world so quiet. I said to myself - not alone, not lonely. Although there really are so small loss. However, due to ear singing, all of a sudden have a happy reason. "One time diary silly confusion / because you smile, turned into the order of the day / you great courage to protect me / I care little chatter / thank our walk together for so long / cool autumn back together again ... ..." is Fish Leong's "big hand little hand", the melody from an animation of Hayao Miyazaki's song ", turned into the order of the day." Nice tone, shallow girl next door like to sing, so that the original restless heart, quiet down, even distressed, it seems to have turned into the order of the day, gone.

I had a very stupid decision. More fool, I decided not to change this decision. They know that I remembered the decision to participate in the top ten singers game, look amazed, laugh grin. I know that a king to participate in singing out of tune game is a shocking and ridiculous thing. But, so what? I just want, for my high school, leaving behind what one as a souvenir. I do not know the final outcome, do not want to speculate. I just want for their youth, to sing a beautiful song.

The day before yesterday, my mother asked me a very strange question, "on the 25th day you leave to play a few is not it?" "Which on the 25th?" "Of course you in September." "How can there be? I do not know how! of you? "" Why would like to tell you. "

Later, I went to see the diary, only know that on the 25th day I did, but because of illness due. However, I do not expect the Who, in my mother hit me in front of a small report, but is a distortion of the facts. Like me, a good student, you may leave to play it? The answer is of course - there are so tiny a little bit of the possible.

Today, sad to see some of the discourse, I heard an incredible message. It seems that on the three, our youth, ups and downs together before. All kinds of things like the surging tide, a wave of a wave, let us so busy. I, silly toward the distance, but I do not know to a new world.

Still a day to go running, but physically appear worse off. Lap lap, occasionally occasionally hip-hop laughter. Likes to run after holding each other's hands, looked up to see the vast expanse of the day, watching the vagaries of cloud, to see light blue curtain to hide in after the world. Also, that distant corner of the soul to rest. The sky has been a mysterious force, fascinated me. But I do not know, the choice of which Shangtianti, never in history to reach the ocean somersault country. I like to cruise around in a transparent tank of fish, bubble can only be a constant fantasy. Innermost thoughts on the adventure, as always, ready to make trouble. I still dream every night, are basically on the adventure. In the dream, I surf in one of the unknown world, and through those mysterious zone, and those strange people who become friends fought side by side, or is to become entangled with the enemy opponent. All this seems to be sucked into a novel, a dream journey, fantasy and adventure, and full of warmth. Look forward to a bright starry nights, who accompany me adventure.
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Re: Loussialala

Message par Djess dia moungouansi » Mar 10 Nov, 09 2:56

Cher Hambongi

Loussialala est au pays pour des raisons conjugales. Pour l'instan t je te propose ceci

Albert Nkibi est un curieux petit bonhomme claudicant, plus tout

jeune (il est né en 1939), toujours accompagné de son ngonfi, un petit luth taillé dans le bois et tendu de fils de fer (un cousin du ngoni d'Afrique de l'Ouest). Connu dans son pays, le Congo, sous le surnom de Loussialala de la Poussière, il se revendique «griot international». Sur la scène du village atypique, sous le soleil cassant du début d'après-midi, il tire des notes aigrelettes de son instrument et prévient: «Cette chanson, elle est profonde, vous allez encaisser les larmes», avant de se lancer dans une parodie de bluette sentimentale. Dire qu'il chante bien serait très exagéré, mais le public assis sur l'herbe passe un bon moment. Il est sans doute le plus atypique des artistes invités cette année aux Nuits atypiques de Langon (31 juillet-3 août), à une cinquantaine de kilomètres de Bordeaux. Village exotique.

Source : http://www.liberation.fr/culture/010122 ... nes-ou-non
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