Complete FSI Kituba Course with Audio

Apprendre le Munukutuba ou Kituba, l'une des 2 langues nationales du Congo. Parlée essentiellement au Sud Congo.

Complete FSI Kituba Course with Audio

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FSI Kituba Basic Course -This is a digital edition with MP3 audio and PDF text (470 pgs).

"A text is presented for Kituba, a trade language spoken along the lower Congo river and its tributaries. The course consists of a primer and a five subject-oriented group of lessons. The primer introduces major grammatical structures, develops adequate pronunciation, and presents useful vocabulary for a variety of situations. The lesson groups presuppose the use of both the vocabulary and grammar of the entire primer. This arrangement is intended to provide maximum flexibility. The course contains 35 units of study with dialog, grammatical notes, and drills."

Instructions: Input the letters provided. Press "download file". Wait 25 seconds and click "regular download". It doesn't require that you download anything. Just two clicks. It'll pop up and ask you to save or open. Choose save.

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