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America ain't easy

Message par Audi_RS4 » Mar 20 Jan, 04 8:36

What's going on Rick. Where are you at? Me I'm in Atlanta. I'm Congolese. I will pay 2000 bucks to anyone who can bring me back in Beezee. Life ain't easy over here. We must work hard. America is hard to live. American dream is ended. Damn man, I have been here for 5 years and I'm still like a junky who is looking for 10 bucks for is crack dose. But now the dose has changed. That's not crack but dough.
Yeah that's my life.
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Compliment of the season !

Message par ELIANE C. » Jeu 29 Jan, 04 7:29

Sheers ya all of yo folks !!!!!

All the merry & blissful wishes for that 2004, kindly !

:fish Eliane C. :zola:
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Message par s.lutete » Dim 01 Fév, 04 12:43

A.R wrote :
Tu y as vécu jusqu'en 1979, ok !
Mais depuis quand ? (sans indiscrétion , I suppose, de ma part, puisque, dans ce file on "speak English" or rather "English American"...
Odi ?
Odi nové...
A.R. 974 "

Réponse : Since 1976, sire

Ah ! Makoua Penda : son bac sur le fleuve, son ofnacom, semi-vide, son lycée Champagnat, son bar "Benkala" ou à peu près, sa préfecture, sa proximité avec Odzala...
Connais-tu Pamba Ozaka, je ne suis pas sûr de l'orthographe (un village proche dont seul le nom m'est resté en mémoire ! )

Odi ? Odi kaa ?
Ossoga e mwana oba! Oyogi ré !!
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Message par Samkiller » Mar 03 Fév, 04 12:30

To Audi RS4; Yo nigga what's going on all congolese minds?
I lived in maby countries such Russia, algeria (i'm algerian: my father is) and i lived seventeen years in brazzaville. so i grew up there. so when i hear you saying that ur diying to find out some bucks to get some crack, i'm really astonished cause i do think that you're doing anything to get out of this shit. It's not only your case but many congolese one too. We only think about gears politics and waiting someone to give us somthin' to eat or other. but we're not able to do somthin' by ourselves. i see many guys i met in congo and who lived here in parsi but they stil do the same mistakes as in congo. drinking( i agree it's a part of our culture) losing money in buying somthing to wear weston, beluti, costard de merde. but why don't u try to to find out somthing to live quietly. Five years u r in atlanta, i've in Austin texas, and many guys are living by teir own, guys who had nothing in congo. why don't u try to do somthing to improve urself?
hink about it man.

blesses. ;)
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Message par Rick » Lun 25 Sep, 06 6:09

Anyone still around who wants to practice their English?
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Re: Discussions in English

Message par Arc. Kani-I.Jefferson » Lun 29 Mai, 23 9:26

Nothing wrong to say.
Arc. Kani-I.Jefferson
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